now that I’ve caught my breath enough to actually write about it

Awe and wonder. Floating weightlessly, watching bubbles reflect the sunlight, seeing from a perspective I’ve never seen before. As soon as I was in the water I didn’t want to get out; as soon as I was out I wish I were back in. Story of my life. There is something SO breathtaking about diving – literally.

Unfortunately for me, the most important thing to remember when scuba diving is “breathe continuously and NEVER hold your breath.” This is extremely difficult when A.) it’s your first legitimate dive and you are too excited to breathe (yes Caleb, my first dive with you all those years ago was legit, but I was too nervous to actually really enjoy it and we were like 3ft deep since I didn’t know how to control my buoyancy) 😉 and B.) when your first dive happens to be on the most beautiful and richest house reef in the world. even snorkeling these reefs doesn’t compare. and C.) when you spot something floating near the surface, and it’s a gorgeous sea turtle, swimming nonchalantly in the sun rays that pierce through the water, and the bubbles from exhaling obscure my view. So I held my breath.

The COLOURS were incredible – I saw a beautiful green cabbage-shaped coral that had bright blue edges glowing vividly. When I looked around, the corals rose up like a hill of incredible flowers, so alive. Schools of fish swimming perfectly coordinated, flashing silver blue red purple yellow orange as they pass. Constantly having to remind myself, “Jas, breathe. Jas, breathe.”

Awe and wonder. My heart is alive. I am inspired enough to last a lifetime. And the best thing is I find this happening again and again and again. Everyday, it’s not a hunt to find beauty – He leaves me astounded, my heart beating fast, big smiles.

Hallelujah. Show me Your Glory

bottom line: God IS the ultimate artist, He blows me out of the water.

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  1. Annie Kate says:

    Wow, Jasmine! What beauty, and what praise! This makes my heart sing even in hard times. Thank you.


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