The week in pictures: May

Some highlights from the week: I was able to go diving with my students!! SO. MUCH. FUN. note: In case you missed it, here is a short article about what’s up On the way to the dive sight, a pod of dolphins started playing around the boat. So beautiful.


And when we got in the water, we were welcomed by 4 gigantic oceanic manta rays. SO INCREDIBLY BIG AND GRACEFUL. One was 5 meters across. They were as curious about us as we were of them: watching us with their huge eyes, gliding above us, their wings quivering in the slight current, fish darting around their huge black bodies.

And the God of the universe whispering into my heart, “Do you like it? I made all this for you.” IMG_3790

Here are some of the faces behind the Kayak4Conservation kayaks – fiberglass kayaks made here.


And art! A care package/ birthday present from the best ever M.W. – thank you SO MUCH. Paints from M, plywood from H, oil pastels from C, drawing paper from P, watercolour paper from the boss M, and endless inspiration and support from T. I am well looked after, thank you all for the love.


I was able to illustrate Jesus calming the storm, from Mark 4, The Bible – for some Bible translators working to reach more of the interior of Papua. Such an amazing story, and so comforting to know the God of the universe is FOR us! And is in complete control. It is so easy to go through life near-sighted, forgetting the big picture perspective. But this: seek first His kingdom and righteousness. Trust Him through the storms. God is good, and we are always loved; He makes all things work together for our good.

Be blessed!

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  1. Annie Kate says:

    Thank you, Jasmine, for the encouragement and beauty! You write so beautifully, as you do all things. May God bless you.


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