United In Love

Hi friends! It’s been a while. Some of the best weeks of my life – so busy – one of my best friends here on the island with me, and the Papua United team joined us at the RARCC for a week to raise HIV&AIDS awareness through soccer in the surrounding villages and helped out with the sweet potato/moringa development project. (Check out the RARCC Facebook page for the full story)

Here are a few pictures 🙂 enjoy.


photo by Mark Westlund. Getting to each village by boat.

“Semua Harus Tahu – AIDS itu bahaya” : “Everyone must know – AIDS is dangerous.”


dancing on the jettttty


The PU team being led onto the field by the beautiful dancers in Saporkren.

IMG_4834 IMG_4851


beautiful children of Raja Ampat


dance party after a soccer game


these beautiful girls


Ending the week with time on the sandbar under the moon watching the sunset with goood friends and music.

and long talks until early morning. so good.



Meanwhile. Adventuring with Bella Lopez. We have too much fun.


Digital Camera

This girl. So thankful for her friendship.

Digital Camera



And this song.

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