Flying over seas: Cuti adventures

Episode 3 of: Island Girl goes to the City

Yes I am the daughter of a pilot (an excellent one at that), but traveling still makes me nervous, and I have good reason to be: so far this adventure has not gone to plan, AT ALL.

It started out as I left the island a few days ago: the usual procedure is to take a speed boat from Kri to Waisai, and a ferry from Waisai to Sorong, but there was no ferry when we showed up at the pelabuhan! So, we ended up back at the island, throwing our baggage into a slightly bigger speed boat, fueling up, and heading straight to Sorong – thank you Lord for good weather!

Then, the next day: I was to leave to Sentani to spend a few days there, and ended up being delayed for a full day due to a technical problem with the airplane door. Hurry up and wait: another night in the hotel, which was also good: caught up on some writing and organizing my thoughts. (And Sentani was INCREDIBLE – overwhelming and weird for sure, but so good for my heart – so many prayers answered. I am so thankful for the time I could spend there, and for the love and hospitality of the Lopez family. I was able to do a lot in a short time: ikuting Bella on her motorbike, exploring and revisiting places from my childhood, and seeing lots of familiar faces – some of my MAF family, and old friends from Boma days – crazy. and (re)United with the PU guys – so special.)

And now today: started the long journey back to Canada for a short visit. But, after calling daddy about exit/reentry details, visa, moneys, my long layover in Jakarta, etc etc, I show up at the Sorong airport, to find the Sriwijaya counter very dark, very empty, and very closed. I felt the panic start to set in: as the local security tell me there is a flight yesterday, and tomorrow, but not today – even though it says very clearly JULY 19 14:00 on the printout. I am already a bit nervous about all the connecting flights I am supposed to make (Sorong-Makassar-Jakarta-Tokyo-NewYork-TORONTO) that looks like I miss them all due to the very first flight. Super. Not even due to the volcanic activity going on somewhere along the flight path.

SO thankfully (a God thing): I turn around, and Fadly, the Papua Diving guest relations guy was there taking care of a PD guest departing, and was able to help me as well: there was a Garuda flight going to Makassar at around the same time, so I quickly bought a ticket and jumped on that plane to be able to make the connecting flight. So blessed and God is holding me safe and thankful for my Papua Diving family – Mike for driving and jemputing, Max for taking such good care of me. Over the top blessed. Thank you Jesus.

I am sitting in the Makassar airport at a little coffee shop as I write this: the hustle and bustle of passengers going every which way a constant noise behind me. Next stop: big bad Jakarta (to spend the night there – not something I am looking forward to) Pray for strength and safety and that I will trust God a little more :p He’s got me.

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  1. Laura H says:

    Hey Jasmine! Wishing you all the best on your return flight(s)! Hang in there! 🙂


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