When God Writes Your Love Story

In light of our recent engagement (!!!!!) it’s been on my heart to share a little of this part of my journey and what I’ve learned through resources I’ve found helpful, and what God has whispered into my heart about guys, dating, and finding true love.

I have never been one to be super enthralled about all that romantic stuff, and was not the kind of girl to have my wedding all planned out by age 12 (in fact, quite the opposite) – All Glory to God – He brought Mr. Right along (or I guess technically, he brought me to him) – and now I find myself thinking and planning about all those little details, the colour of the dresses, blah blah blah: I’ll try not to make yall gag, but girls, don’t give up on His plan for your life, but don’t worry about it or overthink it. This is what’s happened to me in my experience:

This book changed my perspective on dating: do yourself a favour and pick up a copy asap – miracles will happen in your own heart. God never writes the same love story twice (check it out in the Bible! Let me know when you find the same story) – embrace His creative plan for your life, take responsibility for every aspect of your life, own your uniqueness, develop and cultivate the beautiful path He is leading you on (Believe me, if you are out of His will, He’ll make it clear, close the door, and gently lead you to the the next step. It will be hard, it will be painful, but Jesus says this life is full of trials and challenges! Don’t be afraid to take a step of faith.I am preaching to myself here too.)

Take a whole year off of dating and be intentionally single: this will enable you to focus on the First Love of  your life – Jesus – and prepare yourself for whoever He has in store for you, if it is in His will. Become the person you’re looking for is looking for.

Above all else, guard your heart.

Seek first HIS KINGDOM and RIGHTEOUSNESS and all these things will be given to you as well.

Surrender all to God. Ask Him to MAKE IT CLEAR. Give all the glory to Him – for this is the purpose of marriage, to glorify God, point others to Him, become more like His Son, loving with the love of Christ.

(Now let’s not be ridiculous and think I have it all figured out, it’s quite the opposite my friends. This is just the beginning of a life-long learning adventure.)

whale watching! minus the whales…
the Ring, and the sunset (unedited!)

About the proposal: we had heard there was a pod of orcas south of our island, so I was super keen to take a boat out and go look for them (next to Jesus and Mr. T, orcas are my number 1 favourite) – conditions were perfect, the sunset was beautiful, and although I was praying the whole time for a whale, Jesus gave me something even sweeter – this incredible man! So perfect. (And I promise he wears a shirt sometimes) 😉 Although we have an incredibly complicated few months ahead of us, we are blessed and excited beyond words. Let the adventures begin! Thank you Jesus.


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  1. Elaine Pruim says:

    Congratulations you guys! I’m so excited for you and can’t wait to meet Tertius! May God guide you as you make your wedding plans! And Jas, you are blessed to have a good looking man who doesn’t need his shirt…. just saying….


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