A Book finished and a Beach Cleaned!

This is Waisai, Raja Ampat, right across the street from the public beach, a common way of trash disposal. 

Just a lil more inspiration for the book. Plastic in Paradise – Paradise indeed… If you’re a piece of plastic garbage 😫

A village near Batam, Indonesia. Where my good friend Bella works. Oh my goodness.

Let’s think twice about the plastic-packaging, plastic bags, and “disposable” water bottles, toothbrushes, razors and get creative with environmentally friendly alternatives (glass, metal, wood, cardboard+paper)!

Mari kita berpikir baik2 tentang kamasan plastik, kantong plastik, “sekali pakai” botol air, sikat gigi, pisau cukur, lain2 yg dibuat oleh plastik, dan mendapatkan kreatif dengan alternatif yang ramah lingkungan!
Plastik tidak menurutkan, plastik tetap selamanya – mari kita memilih alternatif kertas, karton, kapas, atau kaca! Tolong buang sampah khusus di tempat sampah!


This past Thursday I finished the Ocean Warriors – Plastic in Paradise kid’s book illustrations (read more about it here and here!)


I was inspired and motivated (and convicted by all the trash in my own house!) to visit the beach down the road from our house and do a lil clean up myself.


Which piece of trash trumped all the others? “Disposable” water bottles, and single-use plastic drinking cups. How ironic – the very convenient items that help us to stay hydrated are choking our biggest water[life] source.

I could furnish my kitchen with all the trash I found.

Spoons, cups, clothes, shoes, straws, lighters, bottles, cans, more shoes.


Plastic is lazy. It is a shortcut to use it, and it sure takes it’s time decomposing (as in, thousands of years lazy)



Those little blue flakes is what happens to plastic that is “decomposing” – and where the problem lies: as plastic breaks down into smaller and smaller pieces, it mistakenly gets eaten by fish, ingested by whales, and picked up by birds – it is bright, colourful, and shiny! Yum yum. Oh, you eat fish? This is getting into your system too. 
clearly Lemon is a good helper.
picking up trash is the easy part – carrying it home and knowing what to do with it is the challenge – the “tempat sampah” or “garbage place” in Waisai is no more encouraging. See here. 

Even in Western countries, I hear friends saying, “I’m glad it’s not that bad here.” But is it really any better? The average American produces 4.3lb of trash a day, 1600lb a year!

138 million tons of trash going into a landfills each year. That’s ridiculous. With an estimated 100 million tons of plastic debris floating around the oceans. Our planet is going to suffocate.

The Creator says to be kind to your animals and love your neighbour as yourself. Plastic isn’t kind or loving to ANYONE, not even yourself.

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