Singapore, Sorong, Surf (Part 1)


Our backyard views! Side note: we’ve had so many crazy animal encounters lately: a crab crawling on my body in the middle of the night in bed, a 3m long python snuggling up to our generator in the night, a soa-soa (monitor lizard) crawling around in our house – finding it’s way to our bed TOO, a humungous Manta Ray jumping out of the water right in front our boat on the way home from a day trip to Kri…! Scientists say they don’t know why they jump, but I say they’re Praising God!

It’s been a pretty crazy couple of weeks traveling!

Singapore VISA run! This about summed it up – planes, planes, art, shopping, and hotel views.

Then Tertius met me in Sorong for a quick weekend of wave searching & surfing, rain and all. Such a fun re-union.



And it rained.





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