keep our sea plastic free

It’s been a productive week! I was asked to create a few pieces of art for an information post on the island village of Arborek, put together by Conservation International and the local tourism department. Bonus: Indonesian President Jokowi may or may not be viewing my art during his visit next weekend!

favourite outfit, favourite drink, favourite pastime: and bonus! listening to my theology course at the same time!

Some art hacks I’ve learned recently:

  1. Pray before you begin. Ask God to use your hands (and viewers’ eyeballs) to give a glimpse of His glory in creation!
  2. Having a time lapse vid up and running provides the perfect motivation to stay at the task at hand – what could have taken me much longer took 6 days to complete.


2. If something looks horrible as you’re painting it (and you are tempted to despair a little – in my case with the turtle) don’t panic! As long as the proportions are correct, it will probably turn out fine – give it some time and love.

Channeling my inner Wyland

3. When assigned a project with a short timeline, one way to save time on the painting is make sure to start your base with a dark colour to keep you from having to paint shadows (ie. dark blue)

4. If you’re vegan (or ran out of eggs!), a great sub for eggs in baking is 1Tbs ground flaxseed in 2Tbs water.


Art is above all an adventure of the mind.

Prints/mugs/rugs/mats/pillows are available for purchase on my Society6 shop, and check out the time-lapse vid on my Youtube channel! So fun!

enamel on board

All glory to God for everything!

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  1. Elaine Pruim says:

    I love these pics. But seriously, they look like those vinyl stickers my kids used to play with, all of a sudden the manta ray shows up in a pic, then the turtle, then a few more fish…..Great job, Jas! May your talents continue to sing God’s beauty!


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