Exploration to Mayalibit Bay

IMG_0044 (1)

For this Sunday afternoon’s drive – we decided to journey into the mouth of Mayalibit Bay. It’s a huge bay, and known for it’s crocodiles.


IMG_0042 (1)IMG_0050 (1)

IMG_0058 (1)
the mouth of the bay

IMG_0053 (1)IMG_0060 (1)IMG_0059 (1)IMG_0084 (1)

My first time seeing these crazy crabs – Fiddler crabs, who have sexually dimorphic claws – in males, either the right or the left claw is significantly bigger. They wave it around and tap it on the ground in the hopes of attracting females.

IMG_0076 (1)
Male (left) and Female (right) Fiddler crabs

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