3 Months in 30 Pictures [Part 1]


A lot has happened in the past 3 months, and I feel these pictures sum up our lives pretty well:

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37 weeks! So proud and excited to be full term, so tired of being pregnant.
WILLIAM REX KAMMEYER. Born 4 days early at 1:05 on Saturday morning October 12th at 7lbs on the dot!

It was Thanksgiving weekend, and Friday afternoon we were supposed to leave for our cottage trip (cue anxiety Thursday night as to whether we should even go!!)

Friday morning I finished packing, voted early, and went to Bill’s Bait for musky fishing supplies for my man, then went for an ultrasound! to measure lil baby. As I got home I went into labor… William just didn’t want to miss out on all the fun anymore!

Praising the Lord for every day.

First family photo in the wee morning hours on Saturday. Thankful that our labor and delivery was fairly quick.

Shoutout to my midwife Kristi for being an amazing coach and mentor, and for letting me soak in the hot bath for most of my labor, getting William to flip, and cleaning up my vomit off the corridor walls. Labor is messy. AND for making the call to get a whole team of Dr’s and nurses in to expedite his birth. What a time.

This is my son.
There is nothing more attractive than watching your husband care for your child!
Keeping a tiny human alive is HARD!
I was not prepared for how HARD nursing can be! We struggled for a solid 2 months. Ladies, don’t let anyone tell you “Breast is best!” – FED is best!
Beautiful flowers from my parents during our especially difficult second week.
My heart.
precious two weeks
Who dis monkey!


My heart.


William’s first time at church! Here with Fish, Jubi, and Linky
William’s baptism! So thankful for our Heavenly Father and our beautiful church family.

William had the biggest poop of his life during his baptism service; blowing through 3 layers of clothes AND the knitted blanket from my mother-in-law. Way to go Tertius for volunteering & surviving! that clean up.

Warm baths at Grandma’s house. Notice the hair curl
William got really sick at 6 weeks, with a bad respiratory virus. It is so heartbreaking when they are so little and you can’t just trade places and take the sickness upon yourself instead. My heart goes out to parents who have chronic or severe illnesses to work through with their children. I am so thankful for our free&wonderful health care, I took him to the Dr’s 4 times in a week! (note the nice big roast pan to catch his projectile vomiting – his poor little gag reflex was so sensitive when he had coughing fits)

See Part 2 for more!

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