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August: Moving Day Phase 1

Two weeks after returning to Raja Ampat, we made the move from Kri island to Waigeo island. We loaded all our things on a speed boat and made the 26km journey in the heat of the day, picking up two guys from the village to help us unload. After being providentially delayed by engine problems, giving the tumultuous ocean time to calm down, we made the crossing with minimal incidents, other than a bad sunburn.



Phase 2 of moving day: unloading all our things from the boat and loading them onto the back of the pickup truck. Success! I ran to town with a friend, bought spoons/cups/plates and water gallons to feed the guys nasi goreng, while they unloaded the truck.


Our beautiful blue house in the middle of the forest.

Since moving in, we have had a muslim family clear the bush in the backyard, create a garden, build a house near the well, and moved in within a week. Craziness. We are learning quickly that privacy is hard to come by in this land and culture. However, with limited privacy comes more opportunity to share Jesus and His love.


It is typical Indonesian fashion to not have a working kitchen in the houses they build – occasionally families will cook rice/ supermie/ or veggies for themselves, but it is very common to eat out, a lot. Thus when we moved in, our kitchen was the biggest challenge for me (not even sleeping on the floor in the living room for the first week was difficult in comparison!)

This house has no electricity, other than a few hours of generator in the evenings. So a fridge/freezer is not an option. That was, and is, so hard – a vegetarian lifestyle is easy, but keeping the meal game up with interesting and different ideas is a challenge, when there is no blender, no freezer, no chance of creating smoothies/ice drinks/dips/yogurt, ah I need to stop before I get upset 😉

I am so thankful for milk powder, oatmeal, spam, “plastic cheese” and the lentils&quinoa I bought while in Singapore a few weeks ago. (again, providential visa issues = a blessing)


We also have no running water. Which means going to the bathroom, taking a shower, washing dishes, washing laundry, cleaning, mopping, drinking coffee – needs to be done first by drawing water from the well and lugging buckets into the house.

My husband is currently working on installing a water tower & piping so that we will be able to turn a tap on – OH the little things!

My friends, be thankful for your fridges and sinks.


Our house is finally starting to feel like a safe place, a sanctuary, a home. We got creative (thanks to the wonderful world of internet inspiration) and made a bookshelf – something I am so excited about. Good books are like good friends.

Bule-izing our home.

We were also blessed with a couch this week, and next week our bed frame will be finished, Lord willing. High fives for no longer having to sleep on the floor!

God is good, I am learning to be content no matter the circumstances.

And that I’m becoming my parents. Thank you Mom and Dad –  life in the village of Boma was good prep for this stage in life!;)




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  1. Dear Tertius and Jasmine, This is waw, and absolutely amazing what you two have done so far and are still doing!! Just to see how you have fixed the house and made it livable must have taken time, planning and patience.
    Congratulations on your third month of being husband and wife!! . We trust the Lord that He will bless and keep you. Times like these are cherished much later in life too as this seems to boil down to what we really need, we can do and we do and this way one gets to know each other in a very special way and build special and unique memories and a special bond.
    We trust that you will soon have running water,;) . We are also so thankful that you could actually join in with a congregation and have part of a church life as well.
    Thank you too for sharing with us your blog. I just love it!!

    We love you and you are always in our prayer, our hearts and in our thoughts.


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