When my family left Sentani for the “last” time eight years ago, I never even dreamed it possible that I would ever return – and I have been back 4 times since. God is so good. It is always such an emotional plane ride, when the mountain comes into view and memories flood the mind – having spent four years in this city when I was in middle school/high school.

When we said goodbyes this time, we intentionally made it a “see you later” greeting, as who knows where God will lead – such an encouraging relief.

Mount Cyclops, waterfalls, SIL hill, HIS hill, Pos7, MAF base, runway, Lake Sentani.
High falls

This was a bit of a bittersweet trip (as always) – short and sweet. I ended up getting all 4 wisdom teeth extracted on the day we arrived, so the rest of the week was a blurry mix of sleep, ice, pain killers, and chipmunk-cheek-smiles. And then it was Tertius’s turn for teeth pulling. So we were both down and out for most of the time, other than a few sweet visits, and of course one last surf trip.

Overlooking Blacksands – located on the other side of the strip
Jayapura in the distance, big and bad, but they have Pizza Hut, malls, & a cinema now (what!)

My man is from South Africa, and gets so excited when he gets to meet other SA kinsman. Dylan van Rensburg , a missionary with New Tribes Mission, is from a small town in the same small corner of the South African coast, but Dylan and Tertius had only heard about each other and met on Facebook five years ago.

Finally, on this trip, it turns out Dylan’s family was visiting Sentani from their village, and we were staying in the same guesthouse. Such a blessing.


We ended up at a spot two hours East of Sentani, right near the PNG border.

The Two Surfers



These guys – so fun to watch!


The day after we came home, we had a crazy incident happen to us:

Miracles do happen! Thank you King Jesus!
My iPhone was stolen, from a discreet place in our house which meant guys had been stalking us for weeks (at night, through the window. ugh creepy)
After searching&asking in the dark for about half an hour, I was about to give up, but Tertius led us in prayer, told Satan to go to hell, and cleverly turned on the “Find Your Phone” feature, which lead us up the road to a hill. An alarm sound was activated, and we were able to find it safe&sound in the bushes, where apparently the thieves had chucked it, scared by all our calls and texts (“give me my phone back, stealing is a sin!”), frustrated that they couldn’t do anything with it, or convicted by the Spirit!! Praise the Lord!!!!! Haha!IMG_9909

God is good!

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